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State-of-the-art technologies for toughest demands.

Reliability and wear-resistance are critical elements for safe and efficient work in rough terrain. pewag chains for forestry vehicles provide perfect self-cleaning capabilities and ensure optimum soil preservation as well as easy mounting due to their comparably lighter weight. Depending on the vehicle and tire type, pewag offers variable chain mesh shapes and chain diameters as well as customized solutions.


Matrix traction chains for forestry machines



pewag forstgrip 10,5

FG ..

pewag forstgrip 12,5

FG ..

pewag forstgrip 15,5

FG ..

pewag forstgrip pro 10,5

FGP ..

pewag forstgrip pro 13,5

FGP ..

pewag forstgrip pro 15,5

FGP ..

pewag forstgrip cross

FGC ..

Diagonal spike arrangement
Welded grip elements      
Chain length can be adapted
Also available with tensioning chain
TitanGrip® for longer life span

Recommended by pewag for:

Soft / muddy ground
Hard / rocky ground
Chain mesh diameter (mm) 10,5 12,5 15,5 10,5 13,5 15,5 -
Ring diameter (mm) 12 15,2 17 12 15,2 17 15,2

The recommendations listed in the table above are based on our experiences with various vehicle propulsion and suspension versions. However, you should check the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations in the instruction manual regarding the use of snow chains.